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Want to know how to stop your toddler hitting or biting? How to get them to eat? Stop tantruming or sleep through the night?

October 3, 2013

Did you know that ToddlerCalm – the follow up to the hugely popular BabyCalm book written by Sarah Ockwell-Smith is published today?

If you’re looking to understand – and find ways to cope with – your toddler’s behaviour, whether that involves tantrums, picky eating, throwing, hitting, biting, sibling rivalry or not sleeping then this is the book for you. Many have labelled it as ‘controversial’ as throughout it challenges society’s use of punishments and rewards, myth busting the effectiveness of popular techniques such as time out, the naughty step, controlled crying and sticker/reward charts. In short – think of what Gina Ford or Supernanny Jo Frost might advocate for toddler behavioural problems…then flip it on it’s head and that’s what you’ll find in the ToddlerCalm book!

This wonderful review from Tracey at Evolutionary Parenting really sums up the ethos of the book.

Although it is specifically written for toddlers really it applies well into childhood to four, five, six and even seven year olds.

To buy ToddlerCalm in the UK & Ireland click HERE

To buy ToddlerCalm in Australia & New Zealand click HERE

To buy ToddlerCalm in Canada click HERE

To buy ToddlerCalm in the USA click HERE

To buy ToddlerCalm elsewhere in the world click HERE.


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